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The VERSITRON VersiVision FVCM12 Rack Mount Chassis can fully accommodate the combination of up to twelve 2-channel or 4-channel video and/or video data modules.  The chassis employs a 110 VAC Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) design reducing the possibility of a single point-of-failure that can cause a complete shutdown or a major fault of other modules within the chassis rack.  The high stability of the system ensures that if only one module shuts down, the operation of the other modules remains unimpaired.  Two air-cooling fans are installed inside to further strengthen the long-reliability of the system and eliminate the necessity of periodic maintenance.  In addition, all the modules inserted in the chassis are hot swappable.  As a result, it is unnecessary for the users to power-down the chassis when removing or replacing a module.

Technical Specifications:

Input Voltage:  110VAC
Power Supply:  12VAC @ 500mA
Filter Form: AC/DC Filtering
Slots:   12
Size:  18.97 x 11.81 x 7.09 Inches
Air Cooling Fan: Two
Fan Power Supply:   12VDC @ 0.23A
Power Consumption:  3W
Construction:  Aluminum
Finish:   Black Paint
Operating Temperature:   -30° C to +50° C
Storage Temperature:  -40° C to +85° C

Power Supply

The standard power supply for FVCM12 is 110VAC, which is connected through an attached line cord.  A standard 32-pin connector supplies the power to each module in the chassis.  The connector is installed such that the notch matches with the 32-pin female connector on the back plane.  The red input lamp on the back panel illuminates when the power supply is properly connected to the unit.

Back Circuit Board

The back circuit board of the chassis is solely designed for the purpose of distributing voltage to each plug-in module.  A 32-pin female connector is provided from the backboard for each slot in the chassis, supplying the 12 VAC power source.  This is the only electrical connection from the back circuit board to the unit.

Plug-In Modules

Plug-in modules are installed by sliding the module into a pair of top and bottom card guides in any available slot in the chassis.  The module should be pushed in completely so that 32-pin male connector on the rear of the chassis engages the 32-pin female connector on the back plane. In addition, the plug-in module is fastened into place by tightening the two captive panel screws into the appropriate mating sockets with a small flat blade screwdriver.

Each plug-in module is equipped with a red LED, which will illuminate when power is correctly supplied to the module. The failure of any module in the chassis will not disable the entire chassis.


If the power lamp on the back panel fails to light, please check whether the line cord is properly connected.  If there is power on the line cord, check the fuse, located in the fuse container under the red lamp button on the back panel of the unit.  As a final solution, replace the power supply.

If the power LED indicator on all plug-in modules fails to light, check the unit using the following steps:

1)         The power lamp button on the rear panel lights.
2)         The 32-pin male connector on the rear of each module is firmly connected to its mating     connector on the back plane.

If the unit still fails to work normally after confirming the above steps, the chassis should be replaced.

If the power LED on an individual plug-in module fails to light, check the unit using the following steps:

1)         The plug-in module should be firmly seated into the female connector on the back circuit board.
2)         The fuses in the fuse container under the red lamp button should be intact. If not, return the module for maintenance.



If you are still experiencing problems, please contact VERSITRON customer service for assistance at 302-894-0699 or 800-537-2296.


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